Local Office Candidates


Morristown votes all Town Officials by Australian Ballot.  Candidates must submit a nominating petition signed by 30 registered voters. The petition must clearly indicate the office and term length on the petition prior to circulating it for signatures, and the candidate's name must appear on the petition exactly as it appears on the voter checklist (17 V.S.A. §2681(b), 2681(a)(3)). The nominating petition, accompanied by a consent of candidate form, must be filed with the municipal clerk no later than 5 p.m. on the sixth Monday preceding the day of the election.   The candidate's name will appear on the ballot exactly as it listed on the consent of candidate form and names will be placed on the ballot in alphabetical order of last name. 

2024 Annual Town Meeting Open Positions & Deadlines
  • Selectboard Member for a three (3) year term ending 2027
  • Selectboard Member for a two (2) year term ending 2026  
  • Lister for a three (3) year term ending 2027
  • Trustee of Public Funds for a three (3) year term ending 2027
  • Library Trustee for a five (5) year term ending 2029 
  • Town Moderate for a term of (1) year ending in 2025

Petitions & consent of candidate forms are due to the Town Clerks Office by 5:00 PM on Monday, January 29, 2024.