Zoning & Planning

The Planning / Zoning Department is responsible for all permitting, zoning, development and planning issues. The office is staffed by the Zoning Administrator, who is also responsible for staffing Planning Council and Development Review Board meetings. The Zoning Administrator also serves as the Town's Health Officer.

The Zoning & Planning Office  provides the following services for land use applicants:

  • Review, processing, & issuance of zoning permits.
  • Review, processing, & advice on waivers, conditional uses, subdivisions, & site plans.
  • Noticing of required public hearings for board review.
  • Issuance of notices of decision.
  • Assistance in reviewing property records.
  • General planning & zoning advice.

Enforcement of the Planning & Zoning Regulations are also provided by this department.

For information on planning, zoning & economic development issues, please call the Department during regular business hours.

Regarding Short Term Rentals: Please be aware that short term rentals in Morrisville & Morristown are restricted to owner-occupied properties. The follow definitions from the Town’s Zoning Bylaws define what is considered a short-term rental and what Owner-Occupied means:

Owner-Occupied - Where owner occupancy is required by the Bylaws, Owner Occupied shall mean occupancy of the premises by the property owner, where the subject property is the owner’s primary Vermont residence. Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom (with children less than 5 years old not counted towards occupancy). The Zoning Administrator, per published HUD guidelines, may allow additional people per bedroom when there are unusually large bedrooms and or living spaces.

Short-Term Rentals - A Structure or combination of structures on the same lot that is required to be Owner Occupied, renting Bedrooms to persons for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days. Short-Term Rentals containing 8 or fewer Bedrooms (maximum occupancy 16 people), must be approved by the Division of Fire Safety, and have a valid State waste-water permit. Short-Term Rentals with 4 Bedrooms or fewer (maximum occupancy 8 people) is exempt from the above local permit requirements, but not the Owner-Occupied provision. The Short-Term Rentals use is not a Hotel, Inn or Motel use, with said use regulating 9 or more bedrooms for 17 or more people.

Conditional Use and Development Review Board approval is required for any short-term rental with more than 4 bedrooms being rented (maximum occupancy of 8 people). For any additional questions regarding the town or village short term rental regulations, please contact Todd Thomas in the Zoning Office via e-mail at tthomas [at] morristownvt.gov or on the phone at 802-888-6373. Thank you.