Animal Control


The Animal Control Officers for the Town of Morristown is Officer Bruce Emerson. He can be reached at (802) 696-4090. When Officer Emerson is unavailable, the Morristown Police Department should be contacted at (802) 888-4211 for any dog-related problems.

Morristown follows an animal control ordinance

The Animal Control Officer is only responsible for calls about domestic animals and livestock. They do not deal with wild animals such as bears, skunks, raccoons, or bats. It is not the ACO's responsibility to deal with wildlife issues. 

If you are having a problem with wild animals, contact the Vermont State Game Warden. Contact information for the Game Wardens can be found at this link: Game Warden Contact Information Page.

If you see any animal that is acting strangely or aggressively it may have a rabies infection. You are urged to avoid the animal and report it by calling the Vermont Rabies Hotline - 1-800-4-RABIES (1-800-472-2437). It isn’t always apparent from looking at it that an animal has rabies, but strange and aggressive behavior should be reported.  The rabies virus is transmitted only when it is introduced into a bite or scratch wound, open cuts on the skin, or onto mucous membranes like the mouth and eyes. Neither the Animal Control Officer nor any other Town Staff are qualified and equipped to deal with a rabid animal. 

If you experience a black bear incident, the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife has a report form here. Black bear incidents include property damage; visits to bird feeders, compost bins, or garbage; bears on porches or decks; and damage to beehives or other crops. Please report these to the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife (not the Town Animal Control Officer).