Dog Licenses

Dog with 2023 Dog Tag: Blue Flower


By Vermont Law all dogs and wolf hybrids six months of age or older must be licensed annually at the Town Clerk's Office in the town where the animal resides by April 1.

  • Licenses go on sale beginning in January and there is a late charge if purchased after April 1st.

In order to license your dog you must present the following items to the Town Clerk’s Office:

  • A copy of a valid rabies certificate (unless one is already on file)
  • Proof of spayed/neutering (new dogs only)
  • Payment (see fee schedule)

How to submit a required paperwork

  • Send email
  • Mail: Town of Morristown PO Box 748 Morrisville, VT 05661
  • In person: Deliver to Town Clerk's Office during office hours. 
  • Dropbox: Official Town drop box located outside front door @ 43 Portland Street 

Make sure the rabies certificate includes your name, your physical and mailing address, your contact information, your dog’s name, your dog's age (years/months), color, breed(s) and size (pounds).  Complete the dog license application to report any missing information not included on the rabies certificate. You can request that your vet send us the current rabies certificates directly.



Date Range Spayed/Neutered Not Spayed/Neutered
January 1 - April 1 $                         9.00 $                         13.00
April 2 - December 31 $                        11.00 $                         17.00
October 1 - December 31 * (NEW DOGS ONLY) $                         7.00 $                          9.00


Payment options

  • Mail check or money order
  • Leave check or money order in the drop box in front of the Municipal Building
  • Deliver to Town Clerk's Office during regular office hours
  • Call (802) 888-6370 to pay with credit/debit card ($3.00 third party convenience fee applied) 

Licenses and tags will be mailed to you upon receipt of all required paperwork and correct fees, unless requested to be picked up in person.

Please inform the Town Clerk's office of any changes for your dog such as if you've moved, your dog is now spayed or neutered, or if you no longer have the dog.  If you are unsure about whether your dog's rabies certificate is still current, contact us and we will be happy to look it up for you. 

Contact Information

  • Mail: Town of Morristown PO Box 748 Morrisville, VT 05661
  • Send email
  • Phone: (802) 888-6370