Residential Zoning Permit Inspections
The Town of Morristown Lister’s Office will be conducting inspections of all properties that have had building permits issued to assess the  improvements/changes in order to keep our records current. If you are a property owner that has been issued a permit you can expect a visit from the Assessor Terri Sabens, who handles all property inspections and will carry identification and a copy of the permits.

Interior / Exterior Inspections
For those properties where the project is on the exterior, the improvement will be measured and photos taken. A card will be left at the property indicating the assessor was there and what inspection was done and/or if an interior inspection or further information is needed. For those properties (new builds & additions) where an interior inspection is necessary, sending the floorplans to our assessor would be a big help. When an exterior visit is conducted, a notification will be left. Please follow the directions on the said notification left.