Alexander Hamilton Copley Trust Fund Board


The Alexander Hamilton Copley Fund was established as a trust by Copley in his will in March 1937. The net income only of the charitable trust fund is to be used. 

Requesting Funds
Complete the Copley Trust Fund application and submit to the Town Administrator's Office or mail to: Town of Morristown, PO Box 748 Morrisville, VT 05661.


  • Used for creating works of public utility and beauty for the use and enjoyment of the inhabitants of the Village of Morrisville in the Town of Morristown.
  • Confined to localities within the area of said Village or to purposes specifically benefiting its residents.
  • No part shall be used for a religious, political, educational, or any purpose which it is the duty of the Village or Town to provide.
  • No part of income shall be mingled with other funds or applied to joint undertakings but that each work established shall be separate and distinct.


  • Income shall not be anticipated or pledged beyond the amount initially in hand.
  • Said income may be accumulated for any purpose within the scope of the gift.
  • Successive accumulations may be applied to the same object.
  • Any work(s) established from the Fund may be improved, extended, enlarged or added to from time to time.
  • Current expense of their care and maintenance shall be borne by said Town.
  • Each work shall always bear in a conspicuous place a suitable inscription identifying it as erected or established from the Fund.
  • No substantial expenditure shall be made for any purpose until it has been under consideration by the Trustees for at least three months.
  • Priority shall be given to works of important, civic improvement; use of funds for small, comparatively unimportant needs is contrary to Copley’s intent.
  • Accumulation of income over a period of time is allowed in order to fund important works.