Grievance Process


In Vermont, challenges to property assessment values are in the form of grievance hearing appeals conducted by the Town’s Board of Listers. 

Typically, the Town of Morristown’s annual grievance period, starts in early to mid May, with the mailing of Change of Appraisal Notices to any property that has changed in value. Property owners that believe their assessed value is inaccurate must appeal to the Assessor's Office in writing.   The deadline to request a hearing is 14 days from the date of mailing of Change of Appraisal Notices.  Anyone can appeal their value regardless of whether there was a change or not.  

All appeals must be in writing.  An email is an acceptable grievance request. Letters must be received, and appointments made on, or before the due date.  Please call (802) 888-6371 to make an appointment.   If unable to attend, your appeal will be based on the information provided in the letter. The Listers have provided a basic form for you to file your grievance. Please be aware that you are not required to file this document, nor are you required to file any specific document. Postmarks are not evidence of timely filing.   

Grievance hearings will be by appointment only and will last 15 minutes.  Be prepared to present relevant evidence regarding the appeal. This evidence must speak to the fair market value of the property and must be backed up by evidence of recent sales of similar properties. A grievance should be primarily based on three factors. The property’s value cannot be lowered because the owner thinks the bill will be too high. The basis for a successful grievance is generally founded on one or more of the following: 

Fair market value – this grievance is based on the homeowner’s opinion of fair market value -- they believe the property is worth more or less than the assessment. Owners must be prepared to provide valid examples of properties that have been sold in the Morristown real estate market. A general argument that the market is poor or high is not valid. 

Comparative assessments – this grievance is based on the homeowner’s opinion that the property is not assessed fairly in comparison to other similar properties. Owners must be prepared to provide specific evidence that similar properties are assessed at a higher or lower value than theirs. It is important to provide data for properties that are similar in location, acreage, and size. 

Data errors – this grievance is based on an error in the property record. The number of baths, a finished basement that is minimally improved, and recent renovations are all examples of valid corrections. Please remember that some data corrections will not lead to a change in value. 

Contact Abbie Griggs for questions or to schedule a grievance hearing.