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Notice is hereby given to the property taxpayers of the Town of Morristown that the Final Installment of the 2023-2024 property taxes will be due in the Town Clerk's Office at 43 Portland Street, Morrisville by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, asvoted by the Morristown voters at the 2023 Annual Town Meeting.

Payments are to be paid to the Town of Morristown. The Town of Morristown offers various options for paying your property taxes.  To learn more visit: or contact (802) 888-6370.

Only official U.S. Postal Service cancellation marks will be considered timely postmarks.  Post-dated checks will not be accepted. 

All such property taxes not paid by the close of the business day at 4:00 PM on May 15, 2024, will be considered delinquent. All delinquent taxes will immediately be placed in the hands of the Delinquent Tax Collector with a warrant for their collection and penalty charges of 8% and interest charges of 1% per month will be added to the unpaid principal balance.